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It's Time to Scale

Trace8 is a blueprint for success for RIAs and MFOs investing in private capital

We spun out of an MFO that built a highly successful private capital program

They built an internal system over many years to scale their privates platform

Trace8 is a commercial SaaS application based on their experience, but built on a modern, highly secure web architecture


If you had a magic wand...


Our beginnings tie back to a simple question.  Johnson Financial Group started as a single family office in the 1970s.  Today they are one of the fastest growing RIAs in the United States.  They credit their success to their bespoke private capital offering.  As they attracted more clients they eventually realized that they needed a technology platform to scale.  One day the CEO, Brandon Johnson, sat down with each member of his team and asked a simple question. " If you had a magic wand, what tools would you create to make your job easier?"  Trace8 was born of that simple question. 

See Trace8 In Action!

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